Why I decided to pursue software development...

Posted by Kevin Akhlaghi on September 18, 2018

Well, OK, first things first, that “I” needs a big asterix followed by a serious footnote.

I* really denotes myself and my girlfriend Molly.

I’ve been fascinated with computers since I could click a mouse. Like a sponge in bucket of kilobytes, I soaked up the digital world. Honestly, it was access to compter games that kept me interested. From learning that lines and lines of code were responsible for the worlds and puzzle I was exploring, to adding RAM to my first desktop in an attempt to run games that really called for a better graphics card, I was hooked.

Years later…star wipe

I began teaching myself code, starting with Java, then Python, JavaScript, C#… I found the world of programming through free introduction courses. I began coding games as a hobby.

Then, a good friend of mine (Thomas) took a coding bootcamp, and it worked out for him! He has a full-time job in NYC as a developer for JCREW.

It was then that I realized it was possible to actually do this professionally. I had built up the profession I was so interested in as this impossible dream that I didn’t have the confidence to pursue earlier.

Enter Molly

Whether she was sick of me talking about coding, or sick of me looking at coding programs and wondering “what if?”, she encouraged me to go for it.

A LITTLE CONTEXT: We had plans to move to NYC in the fall We had been making these plans for years Taking this course would put off the move

So naturally I was hesitant. I couldn’t be that wall preventing us from moving forward. But, she persisted. She put my dream ahead of the move. So honestly, there are two answers to why I am pursuing software development.

  1. Why? This lucrative dream profession has always been of interest to me.
  2. Why now? Molly’s support.
  3. Any regrets? Only that I didn’t start this sooner.
  4. Why Flatiron? NPR ads, talks with reps, the merit scholarship they gave me, and ultimately: a deep gut feeling.