Project: A Recipe Book app with Sinatra

Posted by Kevin Akhlaghi on October 16, 2018

If you’re like me, you like to cook. On top of that, I like to buy cookbooks. One after another, I see an interesting cookbook on a shelf, grab one or two recipies that I feel like I can actually make, make it once, and then I shelve the book to sit and collect dust. Over time, I tend to forget the dishes I learned how to make.

Hm, I wish I could keep those dishes somewhere. OH WAIT I CAN CODE A PLACE TO KEEP THEM!

Let’s dive into an app I made that I call ‘Chef’s Club’.

What Chef’s Club does:

Chef’s Club is a simple app that allows you to brag about all the dishes you create as a Chef … or User. Think of it like a digital recipe book. After you create an account, you can start building a list of all the incredible (and maybe not as incredible) dishes, cocktails, anything really. It stores it in your account, and only you can edit or delete those dishes.


  1. The app uses sessions to store login data, like Cookies. You can stay logged in this way and don’t have to login all the time.
  2. Create, Read, Update, or Delete anything in your account! A user/chef can have many dishes, but I’ve secured your items so others can’t touch them. In other words each dish belongs to only one user/chef.
  3. Hopefully, you won’t need them, but I’ve added some user validations in case you try to make something that wouldn’t make sense. Like a dish without a name, or an account without a username or password.

The Future of Chef’s club I’m planning on adding ingredients for the dishes. This way you can share or remind yourself what you put in your dishes! I’ll also add tags that can describe the flavor profile or highlights of your dish. Finally, a free text area where you can take the time to describe your recipe.

It was a simple idea start, but as I developed it, more useful features came to mind and I hope to get to them soon!

Go ahead and check it out! Happy coding and happy cooking!