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Rails Project: the Return of Chefs Club.

In a previous project, I made a Sinatra app called Chefs Club. It allowed registering as a user/chef and posting dishes that belonged to that chef.

Render and Redirect: an ol' Sinatra ditty

Sinatra, a great singer, and also a powerful domain specific language for web development. For this post, I’d like to focus on the latter of those statements. Specifically, I’d like to talk about rendering and redirecting using Sinatra. This post assumes some prior knowledge of coding, and Sinatra in general, but I hope it proves to be useful, even with limited knowledge.

Project: A Recipe Book app with Sinatra

If you’re like me, you like to cook. On top of that, I like to buy cookbooks. One after another, I see an interesting cookbook on a shelf, grab one or two recipies that I feel like I can actually make, make it once, and then I shelve the book to sit and collect dust. Over time, I tend to forget the dishes I learned how to make.

Project: a CLI for Rugby Fans (and how to start a project)

The haka, high-speed tackles, piles of massive men, incredible displays of athleticism and split-second decision making. This is Rugby.

Why I decided to pursue software development...

Well, OK, first things first, that “I” needs a big asterix followed by a serious footnote.