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Talking Point: Redux... Why?

This is going to be a quick post, but I think it’s an important one. I had an assessment that looked into my react-redux app IdeaMe. Part of this assessment was to implement a new feature in the app using react exclusively. It was a weird experience that lasted probably like 5 minutes. But, it got me thinking: What is the real benefit of using Redux?

Deployment: React App with Rails API via Heroku

Allright, let’s be real, while having your projects available to be cloned on github is nice, there is something better: Deploying the projects and having a URL with which you can access the project.

setState: a Closer Look and Callback Example

I came across something when working on a feature to my app IdeaMe.

React/Redux + Rails Project: Let's Post Some Things

There are three Rs to this big boi of a project: React, Redux, and Rails.

Chefs Club: Adding JavaScript Features

Let’s face it, even though Chefs Club on rails dwarfed the OG Chefs Club, it could use a little flash and substance.